My Choice…

If you have missed this sermon series, “My Brother’s Keeper”, you have really missed out! These past few sermons have reminded me how important accountability to our brothers and sisters in Christ is. This past Sunday, Stacy talked to us about accountability and submission. Ultimately, unless we choose to submit to what our brothers and sisters in Christ are telling us, than we are not being accountable.

You can go to church every Sunday, and even be a part of a small group, but that doesn’t mean you are being accountable. You have to choose to submit. You have to choose to open your heart to your brothers and sisters in Christ, and share your concerns and struggles with them.

That is what is so hard for me. Talking about my struggles to another person, who could share your secrets and problems with the world? It is really hard to trust people. People hurt you. Even the person that you think will never hurt you, your closest friend or family member, most likely will hurt you at some point in your life. But God does call us to live life together. We are missing out on experiencing God’s love through others when we refuse to open our hearts to people because of the possibility of getting hurt. I believe that people are in our lives for a reason. We experience things and overcome struggles, and if we never share our experiences with others, than we are missing the opportunity to learn from each other.

I’m thankful for Stacy’s message of accountability and submission. It reminded me that to truly be accountable to others, I have to open up and share my heart with them. God doesn’t want us to spread our secrets to just anyone and everyone, but He places people in our lives for the purpose of accountability. No one of us is perfect, but I believe God places people in our lives to help us. No one is alone. My prayer this week is for those of you that feel alone, you will realize that there are many people at Journey and in your lives who want to love on you, you just have to open your heart to them.

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