Little Things


For several months, since I’ve started increasing my speed running, I have been having back pain to some degree. I would dismiss it and continue on. My mindset has become set on stubborn now that I live a more active lifestyle. A little pain wouldn’t stop me from pursuing my goal. Especially when I set a goal of completing my first half marathon. But the past month has left me questioning if my newest goal will be completed. My back pain has gotten worse. Instead of just a little, temporary pain from time to time it has increased to nagging, intense pain daily. I’m sure anyone else would heed their bodies warning signs and begin resting their injury. Apparently, I’m not normal. I’ve continued to push, continued to run, and continued to feel the pain.

How often do we continue to push something we know we shouldn’t? Why do I, and maybe some of you, have to be so stubborn? I often wonder what God must think when He watches us constantly do what we know we shouldn’t. Does He roll His eyes? Does He huff loudly? Sometimes I even find myself wishing He would just make it clear what I should do instead of letting me push on (and therefore suffer in pain).

But what if He is? I’ve had friends and a trainer offer helpful advice to me in the last several days, family members who have been incredibly supportive, and even a sweet friend remind me just tonight at Awaken that there will be other half marathons that I can train for once my back is better. I don’t have to be so stubborn when God sends little reminders, little things like their words, to tell me what I need to hear. These little things add up to what our big, awesome God already knows. God is aware of our circumstances. God is with us in all the good (goals and dreams) aspects of our lives and in all the bad (pain and downfalls) aspects of our lives. We just need to open our eyes and ears to the little ways He talks to us.

Stephanie Henderson
Student Pastor

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