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Sometimes my phone likes to play games with me. At times it rings and then hangs up on people (really it was the phone, not me), other times it doesn’t ring (or vibrate) when someone does call. The most frustrating one, though, is when I answer a call and say “Hello” but no one answers back. Invariably, I have to say “Hello” at least 3 times before the person on the other end of the line awkwardly answers back. In that moment…consistenly…I wonder if I’ve been duped or if an automated machine is going to begin reading me a script about their new product.

Sometimes I feel the same with God…Hello???

Calling is so central to the life of any Christian but it can also be very frustrating.

What does God want me to do?
Should I take this job?
Does my life truly have purpose?

The answer, I have found, is not to panic or doubt your own spirituality, but to simply wait on God. He is listening. Much more, He wants you to be in the center of His call for your life.

If you struggle with this in your life, let me suggest a few options to clarify where God may be calling you to…

1. Spend time in personal worship. God speaks volumes here….
2. Ask a mentor or a friend that you know is living a life pursing God. They may have some insight for you.
3. Read. Read. Read the Bible. It is rich with God’s intention for you and will often speak through it in a time of need.
4. Find out what your spiritual gift is. Many times God equips you for the place where you have been called.

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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