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Like many of you, I could not be more excited about our upcoming move! Depending on who you talk to within the congregation, especially those of us in positions of leadership (Journey and elsewhere), you’ll likely be told that this move is going to be quite timely. First I will definitely agree with that because we feel like this involves work that the Lord is calling us to, so of course it is timely! From a student ministry perspective, I’m going to share with you why I believe this move is so timely for the development and maturity of our students and leaders.

As you have heard by now, we had an AMAZING week at Centrifuge this year! Several decided that they either needed to get real about their faith for the first time or get things back in sync with God’s direction for their lives. You have witnessed proof of this over the past three weeks by being a part of the first steps of obedience for five individuals. I pray that you will continue to keep Wayne, Samuel, Ben, David and Sonya in prayer and continually ask for their encouragement and seeking of His Will in their lives as they progress. These five, and the many people connected with them, I believe are being prepared right now for big jobs that God has in mind for the work that we are about to undertake within our new geographical community. As most of you know, we prayer walked Red Bank High School this past Tuesday, and we had a group of more than 20 people who came to be a part of this. It was amazing! You had to be there to truly get this part, but trust me when I tell you about some of those people I mentioned a minute ago who are being prepared for His work. They submitted to the call that evening, and they WORKED. The prayer walk was just the first of many opportunities that we are going to have in the ripe field in which the Lord is about to plant us. (And big props to Stacy for being obedient to Him and making the prayer walk happen!)

If you are reading this, you are connected to us with Journey in some form or fashion. I want to affirm the invite that Jesus has already given you to join in what He is going to do in the Red Bank and Chattanooga community in this part of town. Will you turn and go your own way? Or are you ready to be a part of something awesome and supernatural? Greater things are still to be done in this city.

Are you ready?

David Henderson
Student Pastor

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