Celebrating Pain


I know… You must be thinking I’m crazy to be writing about celebrating pain. No one likes pain. At best, we tolerate it. But pain is actually good. Pain tells us that we have over done it. Pain drives us to the doctor to find healing. However, these are not the reasons why I’m celebrating pain. I’m celebrating pain this week because it represents connection, intimacy, and love. If you had asked me just 9 months ago, I would have questioned my own ability to connect so deeply, but God has shown me it’s possible and for that I am thankful. I am even more thankful for Jesus himself walking me through this journey. For the last three weeks, I have been fasting and praying (don’t worry – I didn’t fast necessary foods for training!) laying my heart before Him and being very specific with a request.

The day after I ended my fast the answer came. Painfully I heard the answer forgetting that I actually been praying about it already. For three weeks, Jesus had his ear next to my heart listening and I know “the hand that holds this flailing soul” has been walking by my side and will not let go. And so, I celebrate. I celebrate that I have a God who listens. I celebrate that I have a God who hears. I celebrate that I have a God who answers even when He knows it’s going to hurt. And I celebrate the intimacy and love He has shown by answering my prayer and as I have poured out my heart and soul to Him this week.

And just to show His love and intimacy once again this morning, He spoke through this song on my way to work this morning.

It may take time, on this journey slow
What lies ahead, I’m not sure I know
But the hand that holds this flailing soul
He will not let go

There may be days, when I cannot breathe
There may be scars, that will stay with me
But the deepest stains, they will be washed clean
And He will not let go

When all around my soul gives way
He then is all my hope and stay
When grief has paralyzed my heart
His grip holds even tighter than the dark

I’ve heard it said, this too shall pass
The joy will come, that the hurt won’t last
So I will trust that within His grasp
I am not alone
For He will not let go
– Laura Story (He Will Not Let Go)

So, no matter where you are: choose to celebrate. Celebrate that He is holding your “flailing soul” too. And when it hurts so bad that you cannot breath, know that it too shall pass, the joy WILL come, and HE WILL NOT let go.

Stacy Hill
Discipleship Director

*Listen to “He Will Not Let Go” here.

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