Casting off our Serious, Dignified States


Eeyore was a favorite Pooh character of mine. He was always ticked off at the loss of his tail; he was always depressed about something. And, as a kid, I remember laughing at his pessimism. His day was ALWAYS worse than mine.

As a grownup, can you still think of Eeyore and laugh? I find it harder, and I’m beginning to realize why that is.

Here’s a quote to help explain my personal reluctance—

…we are invited to forget ourselves on purpose, cast our awful solemnity to the winds and join in the general dance.

And when I don’t?

The Eeyore frown shows up on my face.

I take myself too seriously.

Meanwhile, Scripture says to cast our cares on Christ. The Holy Spirit is ever-present to help us walk and breathe and live.

The phrase “general dance” has its own unique way of making me smile. I think of life as being something more than just finding a lost tail, complaining to friends about how bad life is. Dancing is required.

To forget about myself, on purpose.

To cast my burdens, on a willing & able Lord.

To dance & delight in Him.

There’s really no room for an Eeyore in that picture. His, yours, and my attitude will always change when our minds wrap themselves around that kind of transformation.

Serious, dignified types weren’t the ones Christ walked among and rubbed shoulders with. He sought the realistic, approachable personalities. He fished and worked with the locals.

I always skim over the verse “Jesus wept,” without giving it much thought, but it’s an action showing the divine God as really, fully man.

Jesus wept. It never says Jesus worried. Neither should we.

Brian L. Tucker

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