Cars, Coffee, Candy and Christ

What do cars, coffee, candy, and Christ have in common? Truthfully very little but on October 27th Journey Church will be combining these elements into an outreach to our community. One of the guiding principles of Journey has always been to be involved in the community around us. That takes on different forms because there are many different facets to our community. We are always looking for ways to reach into the community that the community may not expect. Let’s face it for many of those outside of a Faith community the church has very little positive impact on their lives. As a matter of fact most of the news that the community hears about the Church can be very negative. There is news of church leaders committing horrible acts against the most vulnerable in their own community. Other leaders are lining their own pockets with the finances of those unsuspecting of their un-biblical preaching. These type of things build barriers between the Church and the community it is called to serve. How can we break down these barriers?

The purpose of events like Cars and Coffee is to build relationships with people who may not have a very favorable view of churches. We are hosting an event that the community enjoys and hopefully they will come to see Christ through us. I have relationships with people all over the country that we’re initiated through this very type of outreach. It is amazing how God can use common interests as a path to deeper relationships.

On October 27th our parking lot will be filled with hundreds of people who have no relationship with a church in their community. One of the ways you can reach out to these people is through acts of service. We need volunteers to make sure that the children from the community have a fun safe time enjoying the inflatables we are providing. We need others to prepare hot dogs or serve coffee. We need candy to give out to the kids. We will need help setting up for the event and then cleaning up afterwards. Most of all we need the families of Journey Church to simply mingle and talk to other families from our community. I encourage everyone in the Journey family to come out an get involved in this event. or

Scott Pollard
Associate Pastor

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