Canvas: What does your canvas say about you?

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All of our lives are a story, a picture, a masterpiece in the making.
We will paint the strokes of our own stories or allow someone else to do it for us.

Some of our canvases are clean and fresh, ready for the first strokes of the brush.
Others don’t recognize the mish-mash of colors and shapes and are desperate for a fresh start.

The new year is always an opportunity for a fresh start…a clean canvas…for what is to come. We can let go of past mistakes and regrets to pursue a healthy and whole future.

As I watch people create, some know exactly what they plan to do and follow that plan until something beautiful is created. Others just start creating and eventually find a place of happy completion. But the real question is this…

What does your canvas say about you?
The colors…
The shapes…
The mistakes…
The accidental masterpices?

Some of our canvases are ripped…torn…and in need of some care. Our souls are longing for something fresh and new.
Some of our canvases can only be understood in the backdrop of a bigger picture.

Whatever the shape of your canvas, you can allow the master painter to paint a masterpiece in you. What will your canvas say about the rest of your life?

As a fellow sojourner and work in progress, I invite you to kick off 2015 with us and we hope you will bring a friend!

Lead Pastor

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