A Picture of What the Church Should Be

Last week Chattanooga mourned the death of a fallen hero, Sgt. Tim Chapin, after he confronted a heavily armed and armored robbery suspect who would take his life moments later.  Hixson was flooded with members of local fire and police departments as the family celebrated his life at a funeral service and laid his body to rest at a local cemetary.  You can see in the video the hundreds of representatives who walked from Abba’s House to the cemetary where he was to be buried.  Police departments from precincts surrounding Hamilton County volunteered to cover the shifts of local officers so they could attend their fallen friend and coworkers funeral.

As I drove by the church where his funeral was being held, the demonstration of solidarity and community was just overwhelming.  Dozens of police motorcycles lined the front parking lot of the church and firetrucks blocked off portions of Hixson Pike and Hwy 153.  As I watched this video, I found myself moved by the support that police officers were showing for their own who gave his life in the line of duty for our city.

It’s a picture that mimics the kind of relationship that Jesus said the church should have for each other.  Willing to give their time for one of the family and show their support in horrible circumstances.  In the early church this would have been played out literally as Christians were persecuted and often executed for their faith.  There was a sense of family, community, and shared sacrifice that was deeper than the typical human experience.  The church is a family.  This is how we should care for one another.

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. John 13:35 (NLT)



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