A Journey Retro Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us! In case you missed the trees (Christmas or otherwise) in October, the Santas cautiously stationed near the Halloween candy, or the monstrous inflatable snow globes being assembled MONTHS before that special day would arrive. The time for holiday music and images of a jolly ole elf are here.

In fact, Black Friday deals to help you prepare are available any day this week of Thanksgiving…not just the dreaded day after. Each year we seem to be asking the same question…Is it that time again, already?


When did we begin to moan at the approaching season of joy? Forget peace and, for the most part, hope.

What would happen if we just skipped this year?

As we slowly get our feet wet with the idea that chestnuts should be roasting on an open fire, I want to encourage you to find hope and peace amidst the ensuing shopping onslaught.

Go back to the time when families loved being together, there was anticipation of great things ahead, and a GREAT Christmas morning didn’t require 6 months of debt to pay off.

Let’s find the magic again in celebrating a baby born in a manger that would change the world. He is the bringer of hope, peace, love, and joy. This Christmas season, let’s go back to the time when God touched the world and gave us the gift that would change us…Jesus.

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