5th Saturday Car Meet and Trunk or Treat – October 29th


In 3 weeks, we will be hosting a “first of it’s kind” event at Journey.
We are combining our 5th Saturday Car Meet with our Fall Kick-Off for an AWESOME night of fun, new friends, and candy.
We will have inflatable slides, obstacle courses, bounce houses, hot dogs, and a whole bunch of cool cars!

This will be our 3rd 5th Saturday Car Meet which has been a great opportunity to meet our neighbors and a bunch of people that love fellowship and horsepower.

The most important part of an event like this is not the food or the inflatables. It’s not really even about the cars.
What this kind of event is really about…
is people.

Each event continues to draw more enthusiasm. I counted dozens of families walking through the trees from the neighborhood beside us to see what all of the excitement is all about.
Each one is an opportunity to meet a new friend and to change their perception of what church is all about.

That’s one of the reasons we decided to reschedule our “supposed to be rained out” block party for the car meet.
A lot of these families have children that would love to have a safe place to play and get a bunch of candy.

And, of course, we need your help to make it work.
“How?” you ask?

1. WE NEED CANDY! No Trunk or Treat works without candy and we need lots of it! If you are buying a bag or 2 for yourself, pick up an extra for the event and bring it to Journey starting THIS SUNDAY!

2. Invite Your friends. It all starts Saturday, October 29th at 5:00 in Journey’s parking lot. Every event is very family friendly. They will have a blast!

3. Show up and have fun! The more fun you are having, the more people will want to join in!

4. Remember that our goal is to share Christ with others. You may not want to ask someone if they are going to heaven when they die, but you can check out their car and ask about their families. You can also invite them to join you at church, too!

The relationships that can be built at events like this may change someone else’s life.
When you take the time to invest in others, you may be surprised that you are changed, too.

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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