4 Things You Should Know

Current Events
  1. Worship will be ONLINE ONLY beginning this Sunday.
    We have been safely practicing in person worship since July but with the recent and rapid increase in COVID cases, we believe that it is best to move back to online only worship beginning this Sunday. Over the last 4 days, the number of active cases has jumped by over 1,700 new cases and we are told to expect another major increase next week from Thanksgiving weekend travelers who are beginning to show symptoms. At this time, we don’t know how long we will suspend in person gatherings, but we will continue to watch the number of cases so we can return as soon as possible. With a return to online only worship, we are working on some ways to increase positive and healthy online engagement throughout this time, too.
  2. Room In The Inn Christmas Giving
    We are rapidly closing in on our delivery day for the RITI family that we are helping this year for Christmas. All gifts must be turned into the church by NEXT SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13th. There are still a handful of items that you can still sign up for by following this link if you would like to participate. Thank you for helping to create a fresh start for this hard working mom and her family!
  3. Red Bank Food Pantry
    Are you participating in our Red Bank Food Pantry Reverse Advent? You can still download the calendar here and bring your box of items to the church by Wednesday, December 23rd. Prepare for Christmas AND help those who are hungry this holiday season.
  4. Christmas Adam
    With a return to online only worship, we are moving our Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve) Christmas Service to an online experience instead of our normal in person candlelight service. In doing so, we could use your help! We would like to compile some videos of you and/or your family sharing their favorite Christmas Song. You can sing a song or just share the name of a song that is special to you and why. You can either text your video to 423.364.6442 or upload it at JourneyChattanooga.com/videos.

As we navigate this unusual Christmas season, we will continue to work on ways to stay connected with each other and to anticipate the coming of the King of Kings.

With much love,

Pastor Mark

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