Thank you for taking the time to submit your responses to the following questions. As we’ve discussed over the last few weeks, the cost of remaining in our current facility continues to increase to a point where we believe it’s time to consider alternative options for a meeting space.

We want to keep all of our church family together and find a solution that facilitates meaningful worship, discipleship and the opportunity to re-imagine the next 10, 20, 30 years without the financial hardship that our current location necessitates.

Our openness to different out-of-the-box solutions drastically increases the number of options that are available to us. We recognize that this is a huge decision for our church and do not want to make decisions recklessly which is why we are asking you to share your thoughts as you pray about these next steps, too.

While the name and email fields are optional, we ask that you do include this information as a family member of our church and that you answer honestly. Any future decisions will be made by our church, together, and these responses help us to know how to focus our efforts.

As we search for the best use of our tithes and offerings in funding our weekly meeting location, more opportunities could be available if we are open to out of the box options. Please check all of the options that you would be open to moving forward.(Required)
If you are open to meeting at a different time than Sunday mornings at 10:30, please check all of the options that you would be open to.
If you are open to meeting in a different part of our city, please check all of the general locations that you would be open to.