What is Finding Your Place?

Finding Your Place is a great place to learn about the influence of the Holy Spirit in your life and how you are uniquely made to fulfill your role in the Kingdom of God. You will learn about spiritual gifts, how they work together within the church, and what your specific gift may be. We want you to know your “sweet spot” in ministry and how God wants to supernaturally impact our church, community, and the world with it.

Who is it for?

This seminar is designed as a follow up to “Starting Point” for anyone that has chosen to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is also a great precursor to finding a place to serve at Journey.

Before you attend

In order to maximize the effect of this seminar, please complete the pre-seminar packet before attending the seminar. You can pick up a copy at Journey or download a digital copy.

Once you have completed the packet, take the online Spiritual Gift Assessment and submit your results.

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