Journey Kidz Online!

Hey Parents(and kids),

I hope you are all surviving at home as we socially distance ourselves from others. I know this has been an extremely trying week for some and as effected all of us in some way or another. Since we will not be able to gather together at church for now, I will be posting videos here  and on Facebook for you to watch with your kids. We will be working on finding ways for our kids to interact with one another as we go about the next weeks/ months of unknowns.

For now, I would love for our Journey kids to participate in watching the videos, answering questions in the comments, and working on our memory verse for our Resurrection Eggs series. I am putting together a drawing for those who participate!

The videos will be posted every other day and are short(5-10 minutes). They will cover our normal Sunday school lesson, but will hopefully make an impact in our kids lives in keeping them connected to church.

Let me know if you have other suggestions for keeping our kids ministry connected and if you would be interested in using different social media platforms to do so (Zoom, Marco Polo, etc.)

I am so blessed to know each of our Journey families and look forward to meeting face to face again soon! Love you all!

Natalya Ables
Children’s Director

Resurrection Eggs Video Devotional